Vintage, Wardrobe Architect

The Mood Maker

Vintage cool rules my mood these days. I feel that beauty and gracious glamour were at its
best during this period of fashion.
It carries on today a look quite unique, yet still maintaining that classic sex appeal.


The Mood Maker

It began when my old hobby started to itch again. After an intense few years of study, by the end of it, I fell back into an addiction to craftsmanship.
Like tailoring.
Sewing, I think, was a way of catching my breath and refresh my mind before I give in to the majestic world of cinema.
To reinvigorate this old memory, I took up an online class that crossed my path as I was en route researching for a screenplay, and it is fitting somehow, that I’ve taken an interest in this era at the same time as this script since the story is set during this epoque.
It’s funny how there is no effort in synchronicity, it just happens naturally.

It was Gertie’s Bombshell Dress for Craftsy.

It’s been almost three years since I have the muslin down.

I still don’t have the fabric.

But we all know that good things take time, and thanks to Sarai Mitnik, I’m set to move forward with thought and conviction. By constructing a specific wardrobe that represents me to the outside world, I sense that my passion for fashion and sewing is going to be so much more intimate, fun and prosperous. This Wardrobe Architect is such a clear guideline that I can move with hope. I have my line and shape, my colour palette is confirmed, and vintage is on my mind. I think from here, fabric and texture will come easy. I can’t wait to start on my mood boards to see what feeling comes from these combination of ideas.

Fellow Wardrobe Architects, how are you getting on with your personality? What mood are you making these days?


All collage by Sewpsychological on Polyvore.