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The Mood Maker

Vintage cool rules my mood these days. I feel that beauty and gracious glamour were at its
best during this period of fashion.
It carries on today a look quite unique, yet still maintaining that classic sex appeal.


The Mood Maker

It began when my old hobby started to itch again. After an intense few years of study, by the end of it, I fell back into an addiction to craftsmanship.
Like tailoring.
Sewing, I think, was a way of catching my breath and refresh my mind before I give in to the majestic world of cinema.
To reinvigorate this old memory, I took up an online class that crossed my path as I was en route researching for a screenplay, and it is fitting somehow, that I’ve taken an interest in this era at the same time as this script since the story is set during this epoque.
It’s funny how there is no effort in synchronicity, it just happens naturally.

It was Gertie’s Bombshell Dress for Craftsy.

It’s been almost three years since I have the muslin down.

I still don’t have the fabric.

But we all know that good things take time, and thanks to Sarai Mitnik, I’m set to move forward with thought and conviction. By constructing a specific wardrobe that represents me to the outside world, I sense that my passion for fashion and sewing is going to be so much more intimate, fun and prosperous. This Wardrobe Architect is such a clear guideline that I can move with hope. I have my line and shape, my colour palette is confirmed, and vintage is on my mind. I think from here, fabric and texture will come easy. I can’t wait to start on my mood boards to see what feeling comes from these combination of ideas.

Fellow Wardrobe Architects, how are you getting on with your personality? What mood are you making these days?


All collage by Sewpsychological on Polyvore.

La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Transmission Lines

Balenciaga came to me years ago. He created master shapes and lines that lay deep and dormant in my soul. YSL made me feel strong and powerful while dreaming of wearing his “Le Smoking”. Rucci gave me the opportunity to make these lines through affordable home sewing Vogue patterns. And Victoria? One day I will work for her.

vision transmission

Clean Lines

Therefore, in staying true to my instinctive inclinations, the lines for my Wardrobe Architect goes like so:

veteran Lines

I don’t know how these two shapes will look on my miniature frame, but this will only force me to work hard on proportion – a practice that takes time and effort on my part.


All collage by Sewpsychological on Polyvore.

La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Seasalt and Seashells

My land is made of seashells. Its colours are made of seashells. And its peace and tranquility are made of seashells. When the land becomes your roots you will dream about it. The beach has always been the love affair in my dreams and I cannot think of living anywhere else. Bare-feet freedom rubs skin with glistening sand and gets wet with soft foam. See-through voiles cater the eyes while caressing silks and cotton knits are the main preference for comfort. By the beach not much is needed.




Pastel sand in particular dictates my taste in life: quiet; low-key; coloured where needed.

There is nothing more I need other than to create. I should just construct from a source I love and already have in front of me, right? So, sticking to the laid back style, I thought what better colour palette to base the Wardrobe Architect theme and colour on.

wpid-wp-1414240934359.jpeg wpid-wp-1414240556379.jpeg


wpid-wp-1413453684266.jpeg wpid-wp-1414240815818.jpeg

Photos: Rommy. SGS3.

I see lace from the porous shell, texture from the foam, bead detailing from the sand, structure from the rocks and maybe some retro moods from the carpark. I wonder what the clothes will look like when unconventional mix of grey, peach and turquoise marry together. Inspiration comes from the land and I can taste pastels in the air.

La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Mysterious Transformation

Sewing? Always have and probably always will. A good thing, though. Thanks to Mother. Never could find clothes that fit well, or most importantly, comfortably. Even if the item was pretty, it never looked good on me – sleeves too long, shirts too wide, hems drag, crotch hang, the list goes on and on. So I swore. Loudly too, “I shall dress myself with my own creations”. One simple line like a simple mod dress. I don’t like sewing everything though. Cushions and curtains? Boring. Crafts and quilts? Waste of time. Can’t wear ’em. Unless it’s part of a clothing design of course. Alterations? Sick of them so much that it can stick it where it wants! Back in the pile most likely. Yup, I only sew clothes. Oh yeah, I don’t sew for NO ONE. Other than hubby, sister, mum and nieces. Everyone else just waste my precious time. Blunt? You have to, if not you’ve got no time to sew for yourself. I began making a few things here and there with my given time, but then I realized that with anything, there must be some sort of organizational structure to the work. In life, it seems that being and staying organized is a constant practice and organizing my sewing projects is just as important. Then suddenly, KAPOW! Sarai Mitnik comes up with this ingenious team activity: the WARDROBE ARCHITECT. So begins the idea of a properly customized wardrobe. Browsing and cruising through the net for inspiration is fun, but I wanna be like the pros. Creating seasonal and coherent pieces that are relevant to my needs, lines that dictate my mood and interest of the moment. But, to look at where I am and where I want to go, the Wardrobe Architect project begins with the past: our history and culture. I hope, and somehow have a feeling, that this WA project will help me get down to my core style.
This is Me

collage by sewpsychological on POLYVORE