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For best results, watch in darkness.

I tend to get lost in thought around midnight. Like Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Contemplating on passers-by half hidden in shadows, with only a street lamp to reveal their true face. Feeling freedom without the intervention of daylight blues. Orange candle-light tones illuminate only what need to be seen. Darkness is only fitting to those searching for answers in isolation.

I’m in my element working at night. This exercise was the second I did with just street lamps and a reflector as light source. We shot on a Sony EX1 at home, on the streets and old wharf of the Riverton township. It had two main street lamps over the quay and one over a tin shed. That was the inspiration.

I tried raising highlights and brightness but it did no justice to the image, the grain was too painful to accept, so I left the project as is. I wasn’t a very good colourist back then and wish I knew a lot more. I sometimes like to look back at what I did to laugh, cringe and sometimes vomit, but definitely for a good reminder of what not to do.

Kinema, Narrative

The Pulling Mystic

Here’s a Short Film idea that I just can’t shake. The seed started developing itself without my consent. In the end it won me over and I let it rule me. Maybe it’s because I’m gonna go away and leave this place for a good while that my heart is wanting to make an unforgettable memory of it… Either way this is the concept.

Poetic Memoire of a Hometown Break is a Surf Life-style video series dedicated to enigmatic surf breaks. In each of us there are places that stand out in our hearts and that return to our vision. The essence behind these videos is exactly that: the mystical pull that brings us back to these places – or in this case, these breaks.

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Funding is needed so I applied. Following the criteria, it must be completed within one year. This is possible because we are talking about a short film after all. Research for the development of the script begins after November when all applications have been judged and chosen. If the concept don’t ignite their taste buds then it will go ahead either way and I will continue the search for funds till the seed that is sprouting at a rapid pace, blooms into a flower.

What pulls you? Throughout our lives, events rock back and forth like the tide. This is the only constant. Death might stop me, but energy will continue to stir out in the ocean. This is the most powerful entity on earth and I’m about to embark on a story that will make me speak from the deep.