short film culture

For best results, watch in darkness.

I tend to get lost in thought around midnight. Like Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Contemplating on passers-by half hidden in shadows, with only a street lamp to reveal their true face. Feeling freedom without the intervention of daylight blues. Orange candle-light tones illuminate only what need to be seen. Darkness is only fitting to those searching for answers in isolation.

I’m in my element working at night. This exercise was the second I did with just street lamps and a reflector as light source. We shot on a Sony EX1 at home, on the streets and old wharf of the Riverton township. It had two main street lamps over the quay and one over a tin shed. That was the inspiration.

I tried raising highlights and brightness but it did no justice to the image, the grain was too painful to accept, so I left the project as is. I wasn’t a very good colourist back then and wish I knew a lot more. I sometimes like to look back at what I did to laugh, cringe and sometimes vomit, but definitely for a good reminder of what not to do.

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