La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Seasalt and Seashells

My land is made of seashells. Its colours are made of seashells. And its peace and tranquility are made of seashells. When the land becomes your roots you will dream about it. The beach has always been the love affair in my dreams and I cannot think of living anywhere else. Bare-feet freedom rubs skin with glistening sand and gets wet with soft foam. See-through voiles cater the eyes while caressing silks and cotton knits are the main preference for comfort. By the beach not much is needed.




Pastel sand in particular dictates my taste in life: quiet; low-key; coloured where needed.

There is nothing more I need other than to create. I should just construct from a source I love and already have in front of me, right? So, sticking to the laid back style, I thought what better colour palette to base the Wardrobe Architect theme and colour on.

wpid-wp-1414240934359.jpeg wpid-wp-1414240556379.jpeg


wpid-wp-1413453684266.jpeg wpid-wp-1414240815818.jpeg

Photos: Rommy. SGS3.

I see lace from the porous shell, texture from the foam, bead detailing from the sand, structure from the rocks and maybe some retro moods from the carpark. I wonder what the clothes will look like when unconventional mix of grey, peach and turquoise marry together. Inspiration comes from the land and I can taste pastels in the air.


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