La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Mysterious Transformation

Sewing? Always have and probably always will. A good thing, though. Thanks to Mother. Never could find clothes that fit well, or most importantly, comfortably. Even if the item was pretty, it never looked good on me – sleeves too long, shirts too wide, hems drag, crotch hang, the list goes on and on. So I swore. Loudly too, “I shall dress myself with my own creations”. One simple line like a simple mod dress. I don’t like sewing everything though. Cushions and curtains? Boring. Crafts and quilts? Waste of time. Can’t wear ’em. Unless it’s part of a clothing design of course. Alterations? Sick of them so much that it can stick it where it wants! Back in the pile most likely. Yup, I only sew clothes. Oh yeah, I don’t sew for NO ONE. Other than hubby, sister, mum and nieces. Everyone else just waste my precious time. Blunt? You have to, if not you’ve got no time to sew for yourself. I began making a few things here and there with my given time, but then I realized that with anything, there must be some sort of organizational structure to the work. In life, it seems that being and staying organized is a constant practice and organizing my sewing projects is just as important. Then suddenly, KAPOW! Sarai Mitnik comes up with this ingenious team activity: the WARDROBE ARCHITECT. So begins the idea of a properly customized wardrobe. Browsing and cruising through the net for inspiration is fun, but I wanna be like the pros. Creating seasonal and coherent pieces that are relevant to my needs, lines that dictate my mood and interest of the moment. But, to look at where I am and where I want to go, the Wardrobe Architect project begins with the past: our history and culture. I hope, and somehow have a feeling, that this WA project will help me get down to my core style.
This is Me

collage by sewpsychological on POLYVORE


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