La Culture de la Couture, Wardrobe Architect

Icons On My Mind

When I first saw Miro Duma I felt relieved that I can one day wear haute couture pieces
without having to measure 12 feet tall. Who thought that a little lady could wear prints,
texture, colour-blocks, crops and bulbous shapes like only giants can? The answer to this
is proportion. The talented Russian is stylish in anything it seems. If I stood next to her I would probably come up to just about below her shoulders. If I stood next to Naomi Campbell,
I would come up to her knee caps. My main concern with any garment is always proportion.
And Duma is the first person I turn to.
So, who is my style icon?
I have three – and all of these women are the ones I always reference and look up to for style inspirations. They carry the classic glamour with a nice touch of avant-gardist confidence. Very modern and certainly very independent.


Victoria Beckham is vigorously victorious these days. I admire her focus and determination despite ruthless criticisms during her transition days from Posh to WAG to motherhood. Don’t judge the person by its media cover, people.


City girl with a beach creature vibe, Kate Moss embodies the carefree bad girl. I like her insouciante feminism that mixes glamour and rock chic. Her fine yet bold features can really adapt to the constant changes of the fashion world.
Kate Moss

VB&Kate collage by sewpsychological on POLYVORE. MD collage by Rommy


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