21st Century Medium



Below the heavens lie living souls searching for themselves. Some paint, some write, some dance, but there are many that are lost in all the searching. Who am I? I am a spokesperson for humanity. My choice of voice is the celluloid and my subject is People. Creatures of mystery they are so it is no wonder that they make the best palette for film – the dominant art form of the 21st Century.

I have a mantra, here it is.

Filmmaker Vision

Art & Photo: Rommy. SGS3.

Brothers, how do you project your voice? You don’t have to answer now, take your time. Praise patience. Just like the enduring but serendipitous process of filmmaking, you’ll soon find your frame of mind. Once you unearth your true plot, enjoy watching it play in slow motion as you shoot up into the stars. Your vocal cord will tremble across the universe like the subwoofers turned up in the movie theaters.




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