The Cleansing Grit of Sand

The strength of water and the energy within cannot be tamed. My home facing the sea will always remind me that Man’s walls are no barrier to her natural power. We do our best to construct around her but let’s not forget who’s boss. Every winter my favourite beach becomes my favourite reminder. In summer the sand glistens and is raked to perfection by the softer tides to form a beautiful beach for lazing and bathing, but in winter, rough ocean tides roll in and turns the once smooth sandy beach into a long and dominating fence of sand. She is not here to be tested. She is just here because She is part of existence. Isn’t water environment beautiful?

June, 2014-1

June, 2014-2 copy

June, 2014-3

So, as you know it is winter on this side of the world. A religious stroll with my dog Mani-Man along the shores of our temple always bring us to our knees. Ocean power is like no other.

March, 2014

June, 2014-6

June, 2014-4

Not too far away, there is a beach that has a hot volcanic spring just below. When the tide goes out you can dig a pool and relax like no other spa can offer. No matter how creative we think we can be, nature casually comes along and presents a better show!

June, 2014-5

June, 2014-7

Photos: Rommy. SGS3.

The cleansing sensation you get from the feeling of sand in between the skin of your toes is so luxurious yet primitive all at the same time. How is it that something so simple can be so satisfying? Sand beneath my feet keeps me grounded because I tend to stray. It is here that I remember to be humble.


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